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HYIP архив - SCAM Архив неактивных тем и тем, которые требуют проверки.

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New project: Comex Premier -

Who We Are?

We offer our users superior security and privacy for a better and more enhanced online investing experience. Your personal information and your account information will remain completely safe and secure, free from potential access by third parties, except as expressly required by law.

Commex Premier offers its users the best possible management system as well as a risk control system that works to ensure that their funds are being handled efficiently, so that our investors area able to cherish every moment of their investing experience. we meet the same standards that you would encounter with a large investment company. However, in regards to accessibility and personalized advice, we will provide you with much, much more. We do not promise unrealistic returns. Our experience is the foundation on which security and growth of your funds is assured.

Added Premium listing at : July 12, 2016


Min - $10
Max - $80.000

-We accept: Perfect Money / Bitcoin / Payeer/ PayPal / S-PAY
-Dedicated DDoS protected Server
-Hosting provider:

COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA(ValidTo: 2016-08-20)
IP : Nameservers : Hoster :, LLC NS69.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (
Registrar : INTERNET DOMAIN SERVICE BS CORP Created : 2016-05-09 Updated : 2016-05-09 Expires : 2017-05-09

-Referral commission: 10 % , 3 % , 2 %
-Unique design
-Instant Withdraw

Link to view and register ==>>>

Added Premium listing!
Payment listing fee :
The amount of 29 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U11776097->U2917300. Memo: listing fee comex premier . Date: 06:53 12.07.16. Batch: 139482632.

We will support here later!
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